Our Jungle House Khao Sok

OJH’s staff prop-up guest delight

Our Jungle House staff raises the quality of guest satisfaction through professional training, a family like community and a fun working environment.


The Longest Hike

One of our favorite day hikes in Khao Sok National Park takes us through Tan Sawan waterfall while good fortune shows us a blooming rafflesia flower.


Conservation in Khao Sok

Our sustainability coordinator, Nick, was invited to document scientific research in Khao Sok National Park and Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary with Dr. Luke Gibson’s team.  During the trip, he had the chance to interview the boat driver and guide, Pi Road, about the research, the state of conservation in Khao Sok, and the area’s future.


Back to School – Environmental Education in Khao Sok

Many people including guests, management, and other businesses in the area had expressed excitement and interest in doing an environmental education project at the local schools.  Some had even offered to fund a project to teach about the environment in the schools.  Not once did it seem like a good idea.  Why?  It came down


Birds of Wisdom – A Khao Sok Country Alamanac

We just got the opportunity to catch up with a local farming couple who received a microloan from Our Jungle House to begin producing free-range eggs to sell back to our resort and other resorts in Khao Sok. Fet and his wife Aeh, have lived in Khao Sok for several decades, before the park was


Guide Training Final Report

The first round of guide training is now finished, and this blog post cover the last few weeks of the training course leading up to the test. With only a month until the final examination, trainees took on more of a leadership role.  Trainees began leading the walks themselves instead of relying on the training


Leech Bite? Worry No More! Advice from Khao Sok Guides

Over the last few months, we’ve gained many insights from local guides on jungle remedies they use when hiking with guests.  The purpose of these practical tips is not to scare anyone, but rather to inform and show that there’s no need to worry. It’s something every first-time hiker in Khao Sok—or any tropical forest—worries