Intents… down by the riverside

Posted on: January 8th, 2012 by bodhi 2 Comments

                 Do you know where you are?

                                             …down by the khao sok riverside…

Khao Sok RiversideLeaving after dinner from Kuraburi in the direction of Khao Sok National Park, I arrived late evening in Our Jungle House. A charming man, equipped with flashlights, led me to my sleeping location at the river. I arrived just in time for the evening concert. Wonderful traditional Khao Sok music, whose musicians had endless energy to play until late night. However, there seemed to be technical problems with the lighting, and I directed the stream of light into the river. “Do you know where you are?.. my companion remarked. “You’re in the jungle!” The lights might attract snakes. Be sure you close your tent, he said before he left, snakes don’t have hands.

As I inspected my tent, I could only find a welcoming mattress, covering the entire floor of the tent, which made the location seem like a canopy bed. Sitting safely on my mattress, I directed my lights onto the khao sok river and waited and waited… for snakes to come. After a while, tired from waiting, I fell back on the mattress, and listened to the biological concert in ecotourism style. Ms River led the rhythmic melody, while mr. beatle and mr. bug played on the electric bass and jingles. I did not meet most of the musicians but hope to get to know them by name in the coming jungle time.

The morning greeted me with sunlight to inspect the location. A limestone cliff aimed at reaching the sky on the opposite riverside, while my side opened up for a stone beach area with paths leading into the jungle. Trees hung over the river, in which some small fish were swimming against the current. Next night I will have my camera with me and be more patient with the snakes.

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  1. Zack says:

    Looks awesome

  2. Chris says:

    I know EXACTLY where you are! As a Khao Sok old-timer, the campsite in your photo is instantly recognisable. And your vivid description of the Khao Sok night orchestra makes me smile remembering how incredibly LOUD it always seems on the first night, yet somehow wonderfully soothing by the second! Do enjoy your stay in this magical spot but please show respect to the river snakes!