Out of the Danger Zone: A New School for Kids in Need

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by bodhi

Burmese Learning Center StudentAs part of our ongoing support of the local community, Our Jungle House has partnered with Andaman Discoveries to rebuild and maintain the Burmese Learning Center in nearby Kuraburi.

The Burmese Learning Center and community center is a hub of opportunity for the underserved migrant Burmese population that lack access to other Thai schools.  Our manager, with the help of guests, staff and supporters, raised 600,000 baht toward this endeavor.

In its previous location, the school would flood during monthly high tides, bringing in trash from nearby slums to the already inadequate classroom, bathroom and kitchen areas.  In July of 2012, construction was completed on a new school building on higher ground to prevent flooding with full walls to soften noise from neighboring classrooms.  Recent improvements include a drainage system and kitchen building completed in March, which further ensure a clean and safe environment for students and staff alike.


Burmese Learning Center

During this past month, visiting study groups have painted the newly constructed facilities, created an organic garden, renovated the library and equipped the school with a few computers.  In addition to the work they’ve done, these groups continue to provide financial support for the long term stability of the center, even after returning home.

We’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still more to be done.  We need to ensure that the staff continue to earn a proper salary, a well to provide a stable water supply year round, cooking supplies and playground equipment.



Volunteer at the Burmese Learning CenterBy supporting us, you’ve helped us to make changes in our community that go beyond our resort.  We are grateful to have the opportunity to support such projects and create this impact and we couldn’t have done it without you.

For more information on volunteer projects, sustainable tourism, and how to donate, check out the Andaman Discoveries Website

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