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Khao Sok

Cave Exploring in the Khao Sok Jungle

Posted on: June 1st, 2013 by bodhi

Cave in the Khao Sok JungleWe entered the Khao Sok jungle on a paved pathway that winds through a couple small caves inhabited by Buddhas. Eager for cave discoveries, my eyes interpreted the gold leaf littering the ground in these caves as mica or something akin to fool’s gold.

We were flanked by woody hanging vines on our right and fluorescent colored lichen on the limestone wall to our left. We were hiking during the dry season, so the trail was drowned in leaf debris from the deciduous plants shedding onto the path. I was then struck by perfectly vertical hanging vines on my left.

Khao Sok Village Visit – Get to Know the local life

Posted on: May 7th, 2013 by bodhi

Khao Sok Village Visit Canoeing              Khao Sok Village Visit Friends

Have fun with your local family In March 2013 we were lucky enough to be part of the first Khao Sok Village Visit in the Sapan Tao community. The program was amazing, a true insight into local life. We learned about rubber tapping, collected local vegetables by the river and learned how to transform them in local dishes and desserts. The highlight however was the warm heart of our hosts and the people we met during the stay. We went swimming in the river and enjoyed a full afternoon canoeing with our host family.

Just a year ago, the locals got together to organize their first
Khao Sok Village Visit host canoecommunity-operated activity – canoeing. This success inspired the locals to open their homes to visitors for half-day Khao Sok village visits and overnight homestays.

Out of the Danger Zone: A New School for Kids in Need

Posted on: April 18th, 2013 by bodhi

Burmese Learning Center StudentAs part of our ongoing support of the local community, Our Jungle House has partnered with Andaman Discoveries to rebuild and maintain the Burmese Learning Center in nearby Kuraburi.

The Burmese Learning Center and community center is a hub of opportunity for the underserved migrant Burmese population that lack access to other Thai schools.  Our manager, with the help of guests, staff and supporters, raised 600,000 baht toward this endeavor.

In its previous location, the school would flood during monthly high tides, bringing in trash from nearby slums to the already inadequate classroom, bathroom and kitchen areas.  

Surviving In Paradise – Khao Sok Jungle Survival Experience

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by bodhi

View of Khao Sok jungle survival experienceTo be honest, I was initially a little nervous when embarking on the Khao Sok jungle survival experience trip into the jungle.

I am usually quite the outdoor adventurer, but I had just bruised my tailbone while hiking a few days previous. Luckily, through the incredible help and patience of our guide Tuk, my fears turned out to be unnecessary.

Our day started with a stroll along a wide dirt road into Khao Sok National Park. Almost immediately, Tuk was stopping to call our attention to different plants and animals.

Learning about Local Life in Khao Sok – Volunteering Insights

Posted on: March 12th, 2013 by bodhi

Khun Hin Khao Sok Volunteering The following are Khao Sok Volunteering insights from recent volunteers, Matt and Caro.

Khun Hia, the local man sat cross legged on the floor in front of us, brandishing a pair of large metal shears in his right hand. He plucks a large Beetlenut out of the bowl beside him and begins to expertly slice it out of its thick outer shell. He proceeds to take the small inner stone and grind it together with a herbs and a red spicy powder, mashing it into a dry paste.

Volunteering in Khao Sok

Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by bodhi

Volunteering in Khao Sok schools

When we first arrived in Thailand two months ago the first thing on the agenda was relaxation, sun and ocean; not volunteering in Khao Sok. Standing in front of a group of eight year old Thai children trying to teach the difference between, “my, his and hers”, was a little far from our minds to put it lightly. But here we were, and we can say now, we couldn’t have been more content being anywhere else.

But how did we get there? Well that’s a long story that can most simply be explained with; opportunity (Bodhi and Lena) met us at Our Jungle House,

Cheow Lan Lake Day Trip & Nam Talu Cave

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by bodhi

Great Hornbill, Khao Sok

At our time of departure from Our Jungle House, thanks to the lady at the reception, we saw a hornbill sitting in the trees. These giant birds always live in pairs and we could hear the calls of the second one from beyond the river. Even with our superzoom camera the bird is hard to distinguish but we were happy anyway to having seen one of these majestic animals.

We picked up guests from other resorts to complete our group of 11 people plus guide for our trip to Cheow Lan Lake. The minibus stopped at a street market where we bought a second head lamp since we would pass through Nam Talu cave as part of the tour. After we arrived at the lake we boarded a long-tail boat and the actual lake trip started.

Northern Lake Trip: A Special Wildlife Tour at Cheow Larn Lake

Posted on: January 15th, 2013 by bodhi 1 Comment

Majestic Mountains, Mystical Morning Mist & aMazing Mammals

Special Wildlife tour at Cheow Larn Lake

Cheow Larn Lake scenery

My visits at the Cheow Larn lake can be counted on two hands, yet never have I been so high up North. Departing from Our Jungle House at 9am, our group of eight introduced each other in the van. The atmosphere was joyful as Iat, our guide, outlined the activities for the trip. A small stop at the market in Ta Khun and we were more than ready to hop on the boat at the pier. The hour-long ride on the traditional long-tail boat gives a breathtaking overview of the diverse beauties of the lake.

Learning from the Moken Sea Gypsies

Posted on: January 15th, 2013 by bodhi

Elders of the Moken sea people

or what we do outside Our Jungle House with Andaman Discoveries

 “Where are you from?, we asked the guides from the village. “From the Moken” they said. Patiently we asked again: “Alright you are Moken, but… where are you from?” Their answer remained the same: “From the Moken”.

Eco friendly places and Community based initiatives are part of the vision for sustainable and respectful travel in Thailand. Our Jungle House manager Bodhi and his volunteer team spend their free time outside the jungle in cooperation with local communities at the Andaman coast. Together with Andaman Discoveries, an award winning responsible organization for community based tourism, they have started to work with the Moken Sea Nomads on the Surin Islands.

Jungle Survival – Hunting for Dinner in Khao Sok National Park

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by bodhi

Khao Sok Jungle Survival Dinner

by Hal Wershow

The dinner menu for the Khao Sok Jungle Survival trek is an eye-opening introduction to just how much food the jungle can provide.  While hiking earlier in the day, we had stuffed two plastic bags full of leaves, some for spicing, others for eating.

 We had brought uncooked rice with us, to be cooked jungle style (taking a length of bamboo and stuffing rice wrapped in banana leaves into the hollow, filling with water, and leaning the bamboo over the fire).  But leaves and rice do not quite satisfy the ravenous appetite that jungle trekking inspires…