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Khao Sok

Learning from the Moken Sea Gypsies

Posted on: January 15th, 2013 by bodhi

Elders of the Moken sea people

or what we do outside Our Jungle House with Andaman Discoveries

 “Where are you from?, we asked the guides from the village. “From the Moken” they said. Patiently we asked again: “Alright you are Moken, but… where are you from?” Their answer remained the same: “From the Moken”.

Eco friendly places and Community based initiatives are part of the vision for sustainable and respectful travel in Thailand. Our Jungle House manager Bodhi and his volunteer team spend their free time outside the jungle in cooperation with local communities at the Andaman coast. Together with Andaman Discoveries, an award winning responsible organization for community based tourism, they have started to work with the Moken Sea Nomads on the Surin Islands.

Jungle Survival – Hunting for Dinner in Khao Sok National Park

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by bodhi

Khao Sok Jungle Survival Dinner

by Hal Wershow

The dinner menu for the Khao Sok Jungle Survival trek is an eye-opening introduction to just how much food the jungle can provide.  While hiking earlier in the day, we had stuffed two plastic bags full of leaves, some for spicing, others for eating.

 We had brought uncooked rice with us, to be cooked jungle style (taking a length of bamboo and stuffing rice wrapped in banana leaves into the hollow, filling with water, and leaning the bamboo over the fire).  But leaves and rice do not quite satisfy the ravenous appetite that jungle trekking inspires…

Khao Sok Canoe Tour, Our Jungle House

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by bodhi

Cave view Khao Sok Canoe TourWhen traveling Thailand, the rivers, lakes, and rain forests should not be overlooked, and one of the best ways to experience the national park is by going on a Khao Sok canoe tour.

Our Jungle House offers a half day Khao Sok canoe tour which is a perfect mixture of relaxation and wildlife interaction.

Get picked up by our local community tourism facilitator, Lek, and take in the local scenery and breaktaking karsts on the 20 minute drive to the launch point along the Phanom river.

Elephant Safari Khao Sok

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by bodhi

Elephant Safari Khao SokIt is mid July. My Husband and I have just returned from our elephant trek and are eating paradise crepes by the river at Our Jungle House. It was a delightful experience winding up the steep jungle slope on our trusty elephant companion. We paired up with a lovely family who was on holiday from England, who’s children could barely contain their excitement. For part of the journey, my husband sat atop the elephants muscular neck and steered us through the trees. All and all a delightful experience and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to be closer to these majestic creatures.

Khao Sok Macaque Breakfast

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by bodhi

Khao Sok MacaqueKhao Sok Macaque Breakfast

It is just before noon and we are sitting upstairs in restaurant where my wife and two daughters are finishing a late breakfast. Suddenly there is a shaking of the upper tree branches and a family of long tailed Macaque climb down to forage for lunch (a small grouping of wild bananas by the river). This subspecies is often called the “crab eating” macaque because they are known to dip their long tails in the sea to fish for crab. We feel privileged to share this moment of a family meal with our primate neighbors.


Our Jungle House Chiewlarn Lake Trip

Posted on: May 8th, 2012 by bodhi

chiewlarn reservoirIt is 9:00 AM before the bus arrives to take us to Chiewlarn dam. It is my second day in Khao Sok and already I am excited to see what this region has to offer.

As we round the corner to the pier, I see an immense expanse of water painted crystal blue by the sky above. Hopping aboard a long tail boat, we depart for the floating raft house where we will spend the night. Though moving at high speed, the expanse of water lined with gigantic limestone cliffs seems to stretch lazily in the distance; there is only the splash of the water to remind us of our velocity.

Mountain Biking Khao Sok

Posted on: April 23rd, 2012 by bodhi

Biking Khao Sok

After 6 days of trekking, elephant riding, exploring a lake, hiking through caves, running and swimming, I decided on biking Khao Sok…

I rented a good mountain bike from Our Jungle House, and off I went.  Bodhi showed me the track to follow on google maps, and me being me, I nodded, pointed at the track and agreed on where I was going!!!  However, I didn’t really have a clue after the first turn.  I thought, “Brilliant, I am going to have a Goonies vs Jurassic Park experience!”  And that I did!

Lost in Translation – A Khao Sok Culture Experience

Posted on: March 27th, 2012 by bodhi

Phanom River Khao Sok CultureAn Experience of Khao Sok Culture.

In the late afternoon, after a wonderful canoe tour down the river, we were relaxing on the river bank with Lek, our friendly guide. Lek explained that he had grown up nearby, and it was one his favorite places to rest after a long day.

He explains that the river was different when he was growing up.  Much of the monoculture rubber farms and oil plantations have caused erosion of the banks to fill in the river.

Tubing Khao Sok during the Dry Season

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by bodhi

Tubing Khao Sok during the Dry Season 

Flooding means Fun!

Tubing Khao Sok

We have been staying at Our Jungle House for the last week.  It is the middle of dry season, the River Sok is running very low, usually no more than a foot deep in front of the lodge.  Guests have inquired about the possibility of tubing Khao Sok, but the seasoned staff have had to be party poopers:  “Oh no, you can’t go tubing. The water is too shallow. Sorry!”  The last few days have seen thunderstorms every afternoon, with impressively soaking rains.  Yet the river has not risen significantly.  Last night we had another heavy storm, but this time the river surged up many feet.  Perhaps the previous rains had saturated the ground.  Perhaps it is related to upstream construction activity.

Exploring the Khao Sok Wararam Cave

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by bodhi

Mouth of Khao Sok wararam CaveThe appearance of the mouth of the Khao Sok’s Wararam cave signals an imminent entrance into another world.  I feel an anticipatory tension.

We gingerly climb up the muddy rampart into the mouth of Khao Sok’s wararam cave, and turn around.  We are now inside looking out; the cave frames the jungle and creates a startling view.  The horizon is dominated by jagged karst peaks wreathed in clouds.  The jungle unfolds before us.  And all around us is the cave.