Guide Training Final Report

The first round of guide training is now finished, and this blog post cover the last few weeks of the training course leading up to the test. With only a month until the final examination, trainees took on more of a leadership role.  Trainees began leading the walks themselves instead of relying on the training


Leech Bite? Worry No More! Advice from Khao Sok Guides

Over the last few months, we’ve gained many insights from local guides on jungle remedies they use when hiking with guests.  The purpose of these practical tips is not to scare anyone, but rather to inform and show that there’s no need to worry. It’s something every first-time hiker in Khao Sok—or any tropical forest—worries


Khao Sok Guide Training Update

As the old saying goes, time flies, and this past month has been no different. It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the Guide Training course. There is so much that the guides still need to learn. But having said that, there is so much that they have already learned.  The month


A Surprise Around Every Corner – Khao Sok’s New Trail

Judging by the trail of smiles that greeted us along the dirt road, I felt we were off to a good start for our first hike at Bang Mahn, home of the newest trail at Khao Sok National Park.  The road isn’t fully paved and people actually smile and wave when you ride by.  Thailand’s


Khao Sok Wildlife – What You Can See at Our Jungle House

It is not always necessary to trek into the darkest depths of the forests in order to see Khao Sok’s wildlife. Our Jungle House is located right on the park’s perimeter, and so a good number of the animals can be seen in and around the resort. This is one of the quieter and least


Which Khao Sok Trail Prevails? Sip Et Chan or Ton Kloy

Guests of Our Jungle House that venture into the park on foot have a choice of two Khao Sok trails that they can follow from the National Park’s headquarters. Both trails offer a great insight into the natural wonders of the area but the wildlife experience on each of these trails is by no means


Khao Sok Local Guide Training – Bringing the Forest to Life

Khao Sok currently has 38 resorts; nine of them were built in the last two years and three are currently under construction.  This explosion in popularity is mainly because of its proximity to tourist hotspots such as Khao Lak, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui.  But no tourist visits a place simply because it’s convenient to


Taking the ‘Stain’ Out of Sustainability – Make Your Own All-Natural Cleaning Supplies

At Our Jungle House we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make our resort more eco-friendly.  We recently took the next step by making our own chemical-free, sustainable cleaning supplies.  By doing our own sustainable cleaning, we greatly reduce our use of chemicals at the resort and ensure a healthy future for


Discovering Krabi

With KhunAnat, who later became Thai Minsiter of Agriculture, our heads rotated in circles as we stared at the swirls of rust and yellow pigment on a 600 foot vertical cliff in front of us.  In 1985 there was nothing at all on Railei Beach, Krabi.  A few weeks later I went with some friends