Which Khao Sok Trail Prevails? Sip Et Chan or Ton Kloy

Guests of Our Jungle House that venture into the park on foot have a choice of two Khao Sok trails that they can follow from the National Park’s headquarters. Both trails offer a great insight into the natural wonders of the area but the wildlife experience on each of these trails is by no means


Khao Sok Local Guide Training – Bringing the Forest to Life

Khao Sok currently has 38 resorts; nine of them were built in the last two years and three are currently under construction.  This explosion in popularity is mainly because of its proximity to tourist hotspots such as Khao Lak, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui.  But no tourist visits a place simply because it’s convenient to


Taking the ‘Stain’ Out of Sustainability – Make Your Own All-Natural Cleaning Supplies

At Our Jungle House we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make our resort more eco-friendly.  We recently took the next step by making our own chemical-free, sustainable cleaning supplies.  By doing our own sustainable cleaning, we greatly reduce our use of chemicals at the resort and ensure a healthy future for


Discovering Krabi

With KhunAnat, who later became Thai Minsiter of Agriculture, our heads rotated in circles as we stared at the swirls of rust and yellow pigment on a 600 foot vertical cliff in front of us.  In 1985 there was nothing at all on Railei Beach, Krabi.  A few weeks later I went with some friends


Burmese Learning Center – Support Campaign

The North Andaman Region of Thailand is home to a large population of Burmese migrant workers who come with the hope of finding a living wage and a better way of life. Burmese children find themselves living as second class citizens without money to afford basic fees for enrollment, uniforms, and transportation to school. Their


Tan Sawan Waterfall – Khao Sok’s Paradise Falls

If you’re looking for the ultimate Khao Sok Trek, this is it. The world’s largest flower, Khao Sok’s most beautiful waterfall, and some of it’s most stunning views can all be experienced in one day’s hike to Tan Sawan Waterfall. Translated from Thai, it means Paradise River, or Paradise Falls. The hike takes many hours


Why I Came Back – Khao Sok Sustainability

I first visited Thailand as a tourist in November of 2011 with two friends. None of us had traveled outside of the western world, and we were keen to see the exotic treasures that awaited us on distant tropical shores.  We ogled at the pictures of the saturated blue ocean and the 5 star resorts


Khao Sok Legends – The Woman in the Mountain

There is an old Khao Sok legend that tells the origin story of Khao Sok.  Most of it has been lost over time, but some of it is timeless, written in to the karsts.  It goes something like this… Nearly 300 years ago, the Burmese united a force ten different armies to attack Thailand from


Khao Sok’s Easiest Trek – Wang Pai Ha Swimming Hole

Wang Pai Ha is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure without effort, it is the easiest Khao Sok trek.  About an hour’s walk from Our Jungle House, this swimming hole is easy to reach and easy to enjoy. We left at about 3pm on a rainy day.  I’ve always thought the best way to spend a