Why I Came Back – Khao Sok Sustainability

I first visited Thailand as a tourist in November of 2011 with two friends. None of us had traveled outside of the western world, and we were keen to see the exotic treasures that awaited us on distant tropical shores.  We ogled at the pictures of the saturated blue ocean and the 5 star resorts


Khao Sok Legends – The Woman in the Mountain

There is an old Khao Sok legend that tells the origin story of Khao Sok.  Most of it has been lost over time, but some of it is timeless, written in to the karsts.  It goes something like this… Nearly 300 years ago, the Burmese united a force ten different armies to attack Thailand from


Khao Sok’s Easiest Trek – Wang Pai Ha Swimming Hole

Wang Pai Ha is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure without effort, it is the easiest Khao Sok trek.  About an hour’s walk from Our Jungle House, this swimming hole is easy to reach and easy to enjoy. We left at about 3pm on a rainy day.  I’ve always thought the best way to spend a


The Khao Sok Homestay Guide

Community-Based Tourism Opportunity with Khao Sok Homestay Khao Sok National Park exudes a sort of uncommon beauty that attracts travelers year-round from all over the planet. With massive karsts and serene rivers, unspoiled rain forest and the unique wildlife within, Khao Sok provides unforgettable outdoor experiences in hiking, canoeing, and camping while still offering a


Khao Sok Geology – A Natural History

Khao Sok’s relevant geologic history begins approximately 345 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period.  At this time, the Shan Thai craton (a craton is an extremely old chunk of land that has been relatively stable) was actively eroding.  Ancient mountains of the craton’s interior were slowly transferring their mass, via rivers carrying off gravels,


Khao Sok Night Safari

While Penny and I allowed our food to settle and gluttony to subside, good Mr. Bodhi came to inform us that two guides were available for a night safari into Khao Sok National Park, would we like to go? With a few minutes of preparation, headlamps, and water, we are ready to explore the night. 


Cave Exploring in the Khao Sok Jungle

We entered the Khao Sok jungle on a paved pathway that winds through a couple small caves inhabited by Buddhas. Eager for cave discoveries, my eyes interpreted the gold leaf littering the ground in these caves as mica or something akin to fool’s gold. We were flanked by woody hanging vines on our right and


Khao Sok Village Visit – Get to Know the local life

In March 2013 we were lucky enough to be part of the first Khao Sok Village Visit in the Sapan Tao community. The program was amazing, a true insight into local life. We learned about rubber tapping, collected local vegetables by the river and learned how to transform them in local dishes and desserts. The


Out of the Danger Zone – A New School for Kids in Need

As part of our ongoing support of the local community, Our Jungle House has partnered with Andaman Discoveries to rebuild and maintain the Burmese Learning Center in nearby Kuraburi. The Burmese Learning Center and community center is a hub of opportunity for the underserved migrant Burmese population that lack access to other Thai schools.  Our