Out of the Danger Zone – A New School for Kids in Need

As part of our ongoing support of the local community, Our Jungle House has partnered with Andaman Discoveries to rebuild and maintain the Burmese Learning Center in nearby Kuraburi. The Burmese Learning Center and community center is a hub of opportunity for the underserved migrant Burmese population that lack access to other Thai schools.  Our


Surviving In Paradise – Khao Sok Jungle Survival Experience

To be honest, I was initially a little nervous when embarking on the Khao Sok jungle survival experience trip into the jungle. I am usually quite the outdoor adventurer, but I had just bruised my tailbone while hiking a few days previous. Luckily, through the incredible help and patience of our guide Tuk, my fears


Learning About Local Life in Khao Sok – Volunteering Insights

The following are Khao Sok Volunteering insights from recent volunteers, Matt and Caro. Khun Hia, the local man sat cross legged on the floor in front of us, brandishing a pair of large metal shears in his right hand. He plucks a large Beetlenut out of the bowl beside him and begins to expertly slice


Cheow Lan Lake Day Trip & Nam Talu Cave

At our time of departure from Our Jungle House, thanks to the lady at the reception, we saw a hornbill sitting in the trees. These giant birds always live in pairs and we could hear the calls of the second one from beyond the river. Even with our superzoom camera the bird is hard to


Northern Lake Trip – A Special Wildlife Tour at Cheow Larn Lake

My visits at the Cheow Larn lake can be counted on two hands, yet never have I been so high up North. Departing from Our Jungle House at 9am, our group of eight introduced each other in the van. The atmosphere was joyful as Iat, our guide, outlined the activities for the trip. A small


Jungle Survival – Hunting for Dinner in Khao Sok National Park

The dinner menu for the Khao Sok Jungle Survival trek is an eye-opening introduction to just how much food the jungle can provide.  While hiking earlier in the day, we had stuffed two plastic bags full of leaves, some for spicing, others for eating. We had brought uncooked rice with us, to be cooked jungle


Khao Sok Canoe Tour

When traveling Thailand, the rivers, lakes, and rain forests should not be overlooked, and one of the best ways to experience the national park is by going on a Khao Sok canoe tour. Our Jungle House offers a half day Khao Sok canoe tour which is a perfect mixture of relaxation and wildlife interaction. Get


Our Jungle House Chiewlarn Lake Trip

It is 9:00 AM before the bus arrives to take us to Chiewlarn dam. It is my second day in Khao Sok and already I am excited to see what this region has to offer. As we round the corner to the pier, I see an immense expanse of water painted crystal blue by the


Lost in Translation – A Khao Sok Culture Experience

An Experience of Khao Sok Culture. In the late afternoon, after a wonderful canoe tour down the river, we were relaxing on the river bank with Lek, our friendly guide. Lek explained that he had grown up nearby, and it was one his favorite places to rest after a long day. He explains that the