“An absolutely MUST visit Khao Sok Destination”

Posted on: December 1st, 2013 by bodhi

Khao Sok Destination“…Khao Sok destinaton is a real jungle house where you do feel you’re close to nature but comfortable and safe at the same. The views from the restaurant in the morning, the sounds of wilderness in the night…wow!”

“…lake trip included jungle trekking, morning canoe safari.  Bathing in a natural swimming pool surrounded by the greanest hills ever is something you CAN’T MISS. The people there are so nice and the way they cook…unforgettable!  A top Khao Sok Destination”

“Everything went smooth, comfortable cars, everything on time-we recommend (with a growing number of people, price per person declines significantly)”

Still hesitating?  To find out more about Our Jungle House, please visit our tripadvisor page and read the full review here.

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