Khao Sok Tree Houses

Khao Sok Tree House Accommodation

This wonderful and unique form of Khao Sok treehouse accommodation features houses that are blended into the forest.

Living right up close with the local flora and fauna you will experience the magic of the jungle at night as well as during the day. These robust tree houses are embedded into a tree or trees and as usual at Our Jungle House every effort is made to ensure that we blend in with the local environment and maintain all the natural delights of the jungle.


Khao Sok Bungalows and Riverside Cottages

Khao Sok Bungalow Accommodation

These bungalows and cottages are built with local materials and offer comfortable accommodation. Again you will find yourself surrounded by the local nature both trees and plants as well as the numerous animals and birds that live in this fabulous environment. Khao Sok is bursting with life and Our Jungle House is the only Khao Sok accommodation truly built into the jungle.

Please visit our Khao sok accommodation pages to decide which of our treehouses, cottages and bunglows will be right for you. You will see that we provide excellent family accommodations and enjoy having people of all ages learn about and enjoy this area while staying at Our Jungle House.

Under the guidance of Dick Sandler, a pioneer of Thai eco-tourism, great care is taken to use local materials and craftsmen and ensure minimum impact on the local ecology.

Please spend a moment to go to our Ecotourism page here to read more about what we are doing to care for the area.