Our Jungle House offers a half day Khao Sok canoe tour which is a perfect mixture of relaxation and wildlife interaction.

Get picked up by our local community tourism facilitator, Lek, and take in the local scenery and breaktaking karsts on the 20 minute drive to the launch point along the Phanom river.

As you are guided down the river by a local guide, he will point out various wildlife seen along the river including kingfishers, storks, frogs, snakes and fish.  Even without a wildlife spotting, the scenery is enough to keep you completely captivated as you float along.

Our Khao Sok canoe tour is accompanied by a mid trip stop in the on the jungle-clad riverbank where our guides make a campfire to prepare hot chocolate and coffee, followed by a snack from the local fruit trees.

After your coffee break, you'll be stopping by a fish sanctuary.  The buddhist locals here established this sanctuary as a way to give back to nature.  Watch hordes of fish splash around and take a look at the caves that were once used for mining before finishing your journey.

As you get out of your canoe, enjoy the mixed agriculture farm used as a pickup point.  Depending on the season, you can over a dozen types of fruits and vegetables grown here including rambutan, rubber, sataw (stinky bean), and coffee.

Another great aspect of this activity is the fact that it is community based.  Guides own their own canoes and part of the proceeds go to preserving the nature surrounding the national park.  Have a look at our new testimonial video and see what our guests are saying about this fun and unique activity.

Khao Sok Canoe Tour, Our Jungle House

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Bodhi Garret
Bodhi Garret Bodhi and his family have made Thailand and Khao Sok National Park their home for more than a decade.