Eco-Friendly Efforts

Great care is taken to use local materials and craftsmen and ensure minimum impact on the local ecology. Read more about the owner, Dick Sandler, and his adventures as an eco tourism pioneer in Thailand.

  1. We minimize our use of power – by foregoing air conditioning and televisions, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning power plants.
  2. We build respectfully – our treehouses and riverside cottages are made from natural materials, and even more importantly, over 80% of the property is undeveloped.
  3. We love the forest – we leave it intact, so we live in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.
  4. We’re on the trail – We installed a little nature trail in the woods around us to show our guests which beautiful trees, lianas and flowers grow around Our Jungle House.
  5. We reduce, reuse, and recycle – all waste is sorted into compost, glass, plastic, metal, and paper. Since beginning this program, we have reduced the trash sent to the landfill by a full 50%. Even our empty juice boxes are reused by an artist in Phuket who builds furniture out of them.
  6. We keep it natural – all of our cleaning supplies for our rooms are now chemical free, so we keep our rooms clean without polluting our forest.

Making A Difference in the Community

  • We buy local – organic limes, cucumbers, green beans, and chili peppers are among the vegetables we purchase from our neighbors.
  • We hire local – most of our service providers are locals, from our guides and bartenders to the electricians and tree trimmers, so we make a big contribution to the local economy.
  • We support education – in 2011, we raised over 2 million baht to build a school for Burmese children who lack access to education. In 2012, we are building a new kindergarten for children at the local Bang Pru school – please let us know if you would like to help.
  • We are involved in many, many conservation and community development projects – including scholarships, building community centers, a youth conservation network, and community-based tourism – please ask for more details.
  • We support our local guides – we are conducting a two-month guide training program in May that will improve the English skills, wildlife knowledge, and safety procedures of local guides, so that guides have the ability to pass on their local knowledge of the natural wonders of Khao Sok National Park.

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