Khao Sok National Park


Khao Sok National Park has been eons in the making, and its mist-cloaked forests contain plants and animals both rare and beautiful, such as the wild elephant, the great hornbill, and the massive rafflesia flower. In fact, Khao Sok is home to over 50 types of mammal, 300 bird species, and several endemic orchids and palm trees.

The park covers 739 square kilometers and adjoins several other protected areas to form Thailand’s largest (and last) uninhabited wilderness. In 1984, Dick Sandler started Our Jungle House and it has remained an outstanding model for tourism in spite of Khao Sok’s changing landscape.

Now an oasis of nature in a valley of rubber and palm oil plantations, the park is divided into two parts. First is the area round park headquarters, reachable by vehicle on a well paved road and passing a small village of shops, guest houses, and eating places. The second is Cheow Lan Lake, 45 minutes drive from the village, known for its stunning vistas, floating raft houses, and inviting waters.

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