Khao Sok Cheow Larn Lake Tours

Without doubt, Lake Cheow Lan (Chiew Larn) is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. There are many ways to enjoy this natural playground that is Khao Sok’s back yard:

Day Trip to Cheow Lan Lake

Overnight Trip to Cheow Lan Lake

Khao Sok Special Wildlife Tour

Scuba Diving Experience at Cheow Lan Lake

Fishing Trip to Cheow Lan Lake

For one day and overnight trips, the budget-friendly shared trips have a fixed activity plan, or you can take a private trip with a more flexible itinerary.  Similarly, the special wildlife trip and fishing tours are customized programs based on the time of year.

Whether on a kayak into the small bays of the lake, on foot hiking through the dense jungle, or exploring nearby caves, adventures are surely included in any trip. Calmer moments include relaxing at the floating bungalows and breathtaking natural light shows and late afternoon wildlife safaris by long-tail boat.

The history of Cheow Larn Lake is as old as the highest limestone karsts and as new as the stories your guide tells from his life in Khao Sok. Cruising by boat through the middle of the jungle, there is no place closer to the jungle canopy, the humming diversity of life.

Cheow Larn Lake Khao Sok National Park

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