Khao Sok Jungle Treks

Khao Sok Jungle TreksTrekking in Khao Sok National Park is a wondrous adventure to one of the world's oldest primary rainforests. Covering over 700 square kilometers, this stunning jungle’s of Khao Sok are a sanctuary for rare wildlife. Hike to explore waterfalls, natural swimming pools, and experience the vibrant diversity of jungle life surrounding you. Read more about Khao Sok National Park's Nature

Thailand trekking is well organized in Khao Sok National Park and for shorter hikes you many find your own way. For longer hikes, Our Jungle House provides friendly English-speaking guides that will keep you from getting lost. Your guide will point out animals and plants you might not notice by yourself, and provide interesting insights into wildlife – and even their own life - in the tropical forest.

Trekking On Your own - On the grounds of Our Jungle House, we have a fun 15-30 minute self-guided Nature Trail; and there are also short treks in Khao Sok Park that you can do without a guide. 

Khao Sok Half Day Treks - Take an easy 2-3 hour walk through the forest with your guide to explore the sights and sounds of Khao Sok Park. We recommend the hike to a wide swimming hole and waterfall.

Khao Sok Full Day Treks - For a full day of Khao Sok trekking, go deeper into the National Park, to more remote terrain and hidden waterfalls.  We provide water and fried rice for lunch, along with an expert guide.

Khao Sok Night Safari - No telling what you might find when you set out at night into the jungle - maybe a slow loris, civet cat or giant stick insect. 

Jungle Camping Treks - Experienced guides will lead you deep into the jungle, where you will set up camp, cook over a fire, and sleep in a hammock.

Jungle Survival Treks - Learn how the locals stay alive in a tropical forest – how to build shelter, find edible plants and animals, and prepare them for dinner. Reasonable fitness required.

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