I rented a good mountain bike from Our Jungle House, and off I went.  Bodhi showed me the track to follow on google maps, and me being me, I nodded, pointed at the track and agreed on where I was going!!!  However, I didn't really have a clue after the first turn.  I thought, "Brilliant, I am going to have a Goonies vs Jurassic Park experience!”  And that I did!

The first few kilometers biking Khao Sok are pretty simple with a great dirt track that winds around and up a tiny hill where I rested and had water.  While catching my breath, I turned around to a stunning view of the limestone mountains behind me, took a good few photos and then set off again.

There are some great hills to pick up speed on the way down – but as they say, what goes down must go up!!!  The hills aren't terribly steep, but some are long and windy.  They are all possible to cycle up, but I walked some. If you walk up, then you’re able to take photos – that’s my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

It's really pretty flat all the way and straight forward to find.  There's really just one main track that leads the way; there are other smaller tracks diverging off but just stick to the main path.

I'd say a child of 10 would enjoy biking Khao Sok and would be able to deal with the terrain.  Ages up to a 50-60 year old would enjoy this ride and reap the benefits of this enchanted jungle journey.

Each twisting corner presents a different tree, bright flower or interesting smell that keeps you pedalling for more.  I didn't want the journey to end.  It's one of those paths that's so quiet with almost no traffic.  I didn't see one western person on the whole bike ride, and the Thai people along the way were some of the friendliest and inquisitive I've seen.  Maybe they were thinking, "Look at this crazy white girl cycling in this heat round here"

Eventually, after around 7kilometers / 35 minutes, I met the main road and cycled 2 k's to where I stopped at a street stall for water and a banana shake.  I met a lovely Thai lady who practiced her English with me. Likewise, I spoke my broken Thai, and we both seemed happy with our language lesson.

Onwards I continued for a few more k’s.  I found a spot where I could cut back into the jungle path, and after a few twists and turns, I was back on my original track.  On the way back, I was loving the downs that I had conquered on the way up – what goes up must come down!

After about 100 “Kodak moments,” smiles from the locals, smells from the jungle I could not previously have imagined and the brightest green trees and flowers, beautiful enough to make even a florist envious, I headed back to Our Jungle House for a wash down and much needed lunch.

The ride totaled around 15k, and the bike cost 200 baht a day to rent.  Again, I think that the terrain is doable for 10-60 year olds.  Take a good camera, 2L water – oh, also some padded pants for the saddle sores!!  Make sure to return to Our Jungle House for a good lunch and watermelon shake to rehydrate.  Biking Khao Sok is a must do while you’re staying at Our Jungle House.

Bodhi Garret
Bodhi Garret Bodhi and his family have made Thailand and Khao Sok National Park their home for more than a decade.