Compared to the splendor of nearby resorts, the school has a rather unattractive environment but nevertheless is close enough for parents that cannot afford to send their kids to better schools out of town. 160 pupils age six and older study at the school every day. The teachers and parents would now very much like to build a nursery  within the school for the 4-6 year olds.

The neighbourhood of Khao Sok National Park provides a lovely surrounding for arriving international visitors. Yet, this beautiful laid back ecotourism area is at risk of tipping the economic balance  in a direction  that maintains inequality. Starting right there, we visited the school to establish communication between the resorts, the teachers, and the village families. We found out that the nursery-building- project had been supported by volunteers from the north of Thailand. However, due to lack of funds the nursery was left with a roof and without walls.

Curious about their education programs and the involving financial needs, the director told us that the school had a cultural sector in which local dance and music was taught.

Nevertheless, the teacher could not be paid anymore and the cultural sector was left out of the schedule. Seeing the needs and connecting the possibilities at hand, Manager Bodhi offered to organize dance performances around Christmas and New Years in Our Jungle House and cooperating resorts. The incoming money was used to buy costumes and pay the teacher of the cultural sector.

The kids and teachers worked hard and made it possible in the short time available to set up the first performance at Our Jungle House for Christmas Eve. The outcome was fabulous and the atmosphere welcoming and heart-warming. Other resorts around Khao Sok National Park joined in and the kids performed at various locations. The latest performance of the music and dancing group took place in January at children’s day in the school.

Bodhi Garret
Bodhi Garret Bodhi and his family have made Thailand and Khao Sok National Park their home for more than a decade.