Our sustainable practices and community contributions are numerous. In addition, we host a year-long Volunteer to initiate and oversee our sustainability practices at the resort and community projects in the greater Khao Sok area.


Community Initiatives – We’ve expanded the amount of tours we offer guests through community-based tourism, encouraging and consulting with our tourism partners to include and instigate village based handcraft workshops, canoe tours, and cooking lessons. This gives local families a chance to benefit from tourism, where otherwise they would not.

Community Collaborations – To help reduce the use of mass-market products, we do what we can to source local products and foods.  One example is Fet’s organic eggs – We recently offered a micro-loan and continue to work with Fet and his wife Aeh, a local family, to raise chickens free of steroids, antibiotics, and other types of chemicals.  They can now supply the community and Our Jungle House’s restaurant with fresh organic eggs.

Local Guide Support – We recently finished conducting a two-month guide training program that improves English skills, wildlife knowledge, and safety procedures of local guides, so that they have the ability to pass on their local knowledge of Khao Sok’s natural wonders.



If you have opted to contribute to our Community Development Projects at the time of booking we thank you! Our Jungle House and YOUR contributions are currently going to fund the following projects this year!

A system of re-usable water bottles through Khao Sok –  We are currently organizing and funding a program that will implement a system of re-usable water bottles and free re-filling stations throughout Khao Sok. We will offer the use of these bottles for free, for all hikes, tours, and guests, along with the option to purchase them to take home with you.  All profits will go directly back into our community development programs. Our purpose is to completely rid the need to use disposable plastic water bottles, reducing the impact of the environment and helping to keep Khao Sok clean, beautiful and healthy!

Community Education – We support The Burmese Learning Center, a school that offers education for the children of Burmese migrant workers. Until the school’s opening, there were no educational facilities for Burmese children in the Kuraburi area. The Learning Center can provide standard curriculum, as well as lessons in Thai and English language.



We minimize our use of power – by foregoing air conditioning and televisions, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning power plants.

We reduce, reuse, and recycle – waste is stored into compost, glass, plastic, metal, paper and we even create most of our furniture from the fallen trees on our property.

We build respectfully – our treehouses and bungalows are made from natural materials, and even more importantly over 80% of the property is undeveloped – leaving it intact to live in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

We keep it clean, naturally – our cleaning supplies are chemical free, so we keep our rooms clean without polluting our forest.

We buy local – vegetables and fruits are purchased from our community and neighbors.

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