We call him our bartender, but Berm plays a much larger role than that. Most likely you meet him behind the bar, serving bright and colorful drinks with an artisan touch of décor. You’ve probably had the chance to see his reggae style shift from pulled back hair, to foot-high afro hair, to two bunches of poofy balls in a mock pig-tail fashion, all depending on how humid the weather is on that day.


Or maybe you’ve had a chance to know him as Eagle-eyed Berm, the guide. His ability to spot wildlife amongst the vibrant rainforest foliage tends to amaze even those who’ve gone on multiple tours with him. Or maybe you’ve just seen him float by on the river in a tube while one of Our Jungle House dogs sits on his lap.


Berm has been apart of the OJH family for over five years, now. His thorough knowledge of Khao Sok and the area, allow people who have missed the opportunity to attend a Night-Talk (a night where a local guide presents background information on Khao Sok and to answer any questions guests might have), to catch up with the rest of the class – just ask Berm.


And yet, he’s even more talented and interesting than that. He’s an artist at heart, constantly doodling on the order forms behind the bar and whenever we’re in need of a painted sign, design, or anything of artistic merit, Berm is our go-to guy.

Recently, he has even taken his creative abilities into fantastic crafts. Earlier this year, he built a bike out of bamboo! A bike out of bamboo! Look at how cool this thing is!


So when you visit us at Our Jungle House, take some time to meet the man behind the bar. Our very own Reggae-sance man.


Chris Smith
Chris Smith Christopher Ian Smith is a photographer based in South East Asia since 2011. Holding a BFA in Fine Art Photography, his focus is on capturing the essence of nature and conservation issues in his images.