Siam was founded in 1238 and changed it’s name to Thailand 1939. Thailand is the only SE Asia country to never have been taken over or occupied by a foreign power.


Thailand occupies 513,120sq/km and has a coastline of 3,219km making it the 51st largest country in the world. It’s bordering countries are Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia

The climate governed by the Southwest monsoon between May and September and the Northeast monsoon between November and March.

Highest point in Thailand is Doi Inthanon at 2,576m

Thailand controls the only land route from Asia to Malaysia and Singapore. It’s natural resources include: tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, tantalum, lead, gypsum, fluorite, arable land

Thailand’s timezone is UTC+7


The population is around 67 million people and is made up of diverse ethnic groups, with the majority being Thai (75%), Chinese (14%) and Other (11%).

Most of the population identifies themselves as Buddhist (94.6%) but there are also Muslim (4.6%), Christian (0.7%) and Other (0.1%) groups.

Approximately 34% of the population live in cities. The capital, Bangkok is the largest with approximately 7 million inhabitants.


Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Bangkok
Regions: 77 provinces
National symbols: Garuda (a mythical beast half man and half bird) and the elephant


Main exports: Machinery, Electronic components, agricultural commodities, jewellery
GDP: $602.2 billion
GDP per capita: $9,400
World’s second largest producer of tungsten
World’s third largest producer of tin


International country code: +66
Internet code: .th

There are 78 million mobile cellular phones, yep thats more than 1 phone for every person!

There are 6 terrestrial TV stations, 2 are owned by the military and the other 4 owned or controlled by the state.


Thailand has 103 airports (63 have paved runways), 6 heliports, a total of 4,071 km of railway track and 180,053 km of roads with approximately 450km of expressways.


The below map gives you a good idea of where Our Jungle House and Khao Sok are in relation to other landmarks in Thailand. The table below will give you an idea of the approximate distances involved in your journeys arround Thailand.

From To Distance (Km)
Narathiwat in the South Chiang Rai in the North 1934
Phuket Chiang Mai 1558
Bangkok Ayuttuya 76
Bangkok Chiang Mai 696
Bangkok kanchanaburi 128
Bangkok Khon Kaen 947
Bangkok Mae Hong Song 924
Bangkok Mukduhan 642
Bangkok Nakhon Phanom 740
Bangkok Nong Khai (For Vientiane – Laos) 615
Bangkok Pattaya 147
Bangkok Phuket 862
Bangkok Rayong 179
Bangkok Surat Thani 644
Bangkok Trat 315
Bangkok Ubon Ratchathani 629