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Khao Sok Elephant Experience

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Elephant Experience Khao Sok

This program offers an interactive experience for guests to gain an insight into an elephant’s behaviour and day-to-day life, and even bond with the gentle giant.

On arrival at the elephant sanctuary, you (up to 6 guests per group) will be paired with an elephant for the entire duration. Since meals are a big part of an elephant’s routine, you will help to prepare food and feed your elephant. Then, you can watch the gentle giant enjoy a mud spa (maybe you would like to tend to your skin aswell?), before scrubbing the elephant as part of its bathing ritual.

Tamed elephants were put to work in the logging industry until 1989 when the Thai Government banned logging in protected areas. However, an elephant can devour up to 350 kilograms of food per day, making it a huge expense for its owner. Therefore, revenues from tourist dollars, in the form of ecotourism, is one of the means to feed and care for these elephants.

You can learn more about Our Jungle Resorts outreach in Our Elephant Policies.

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  • Tour Info

    THB 1,400 Per Person

    Based on minimum of 2 pax

    Departure: 8.30 AM, 12:00/Noon, 3:00 PM

    Duration: 2.5 hrs.

    Taxes: Additional 7% government VAT tax will be added.

  • What's Included
    • Round trip transfers from OJH
    • Water, Fruit Snack
    • Elephant bathing
    • Food for the elephants
  • What to Bring
    • Swimmwear which can get muddy!
    • Camera, Sunscreen
    • Towel (available at Reception)
  • Important

    Our Jungle House has adopted a strict NO riding policy. Find out more about Our Jungle Houses Elephant Policies and Frequently Asked Questions about Elephants Semi-Private Tour with a maximum of 4-6 People per Elephant if the group is related.

Book your Khao Sok activity with us

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